Trust, transparency, privacy, regulation: the 2020 conference agenda is in full swing and it feels like Groundhog Day. Public trust in advertising is still broken, brand safety and ad fraud are still causing headaches, the digital supply chain is perhaps even murkier and less transparent than it was in 2017, and people’s data is still being illegally misused by brands, platforms and adtech vendors.

There is no shortage of announcements, alliances and ‘watershed’ speeches that acknowledge these challenges and offer a view or propose an action of some sorts on what needs to be done. It is difficult enough trying to decide which of these are more than superficial words or gestures, let alone then figuring out what it all means for brands and the potential impact on marketing.

There have been a number of what appear to be significant announcements this year. One of the biggest, perhaps, is Google’s announcement that it will follow in the footsteps of Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla and phase out third-party cookies within the next two years.